Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Covers....

So, if I can ever get my act together, these are the covers I am going to sell on my ETSY shop. What do you think?! I am IN LOVE with these fabrics, I just had to make some cute girl covers with them.....
I LOVE the bright colors in contrast to the adorable black and white. Notice the cute hand made bows on top of the straps?
Here is the blanket for another cover. The inside of the cover matches the blanket. And then the blanket is lined with a light pink MINKY. So soft for little babies....

Here is the cover that matches the blanket. I LOVE this fabric. So girly, and so unique. This cover also has the handmade flowers on the top.
To place an order, you can email me at You may purchase these covers, or request a certain fabric style or color and I will try to accommodate you.
Jen @ homecourtcrafts

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More blankets and covers....

Here are some carseat covers and blankets that I have recently made for people.
Sorry, I tried to turn the pic but it uploaded this way. This blanket is green minkie on the inside and flowered flannel on the outer side. As you can see, it has holes cut out for the straps to fit through... such a lifesaver as a mom to always have the blanket and know it is not going to fall out in the snow and get all dirty.
This and the next pic are a blanket and cover I made for a good friend that is having her second little boy in May. I just LOVE these colors.

Isn't that material adorable. I just love the way this turned out.
This clients wanted a simple blue stripe with while Minkie underneath. I was very happy with this one, and she LOVED it.
Stayed tuned, I will be opening my ETSY shop soon...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Car seat blankets and covers

Does anyone get sick of having their blanket fall out of their carseat? I did, so I came up with the idea of having the blanket that actually fits into the carseat. It is easy to remove to be washed, but keeps your baby comfy and cosy!! Custom carseat covers and blankets. You get to pick the colors and material that you want.
This is an example of one I made for my cousin. These fit any carseat on the market.
Sorry about the doll, but it is so you can get the idea. This blanket has 3 holes cut out of it so that the straps on the carseat can fit through. This blanket has the matching striped cotton that is found on the cover as well as a green minkie that is to the baby.

This is an example of a baby girl cover.
On this blanket we did a chocolate minkie on one side, and an aqua minkie on the other.

This shows you how the straps fit through the blanket. I loved this blanket so much with my kids, I know you will love it too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frames... any color to fit any size...

These frames can be done in any color, and to fit any size of picture. This is one I did for a friend that holds 1 8X10. I have also done some that hold 2 5x7s or 2 8X10s. They can be custom done to fit what you want. That is what is so great about the crafts I make.

Frames..... 4X6's or 5X7/s

These frames can be done to hold 4 4X6's or 4 5X7's.
I have this one hanging in my sons room.
These are 4 5X7's.

These frames can be hung either vertically or horizontally. That is what I love about them. Especially the ones with the ribbon. If you want to change the pics, you can just change the direction the frame is hanging.

Frames.... 8X10's

These frames are great!! They hold three 8 X10's.
These are pics of two of my friends from high school and their adorable little boy.
How cute is this little girl? I just love how the pink and black work together.

I made this frame for my friend for a bridal fair, and just put my family pics in it. I have one of these frames in my entry way and I love it. It displays three pics without having to hang three frames.

Frames... 4X6 and 5X7's

These frames can hold any combination of 4X6's and 5X7's. Again, everything can be custom done.

I made this one for a co-worker to give for a Christmas present.
This is one of my best friends little girls. Isn't she adorable? This frame is holding 2 5X7's and 2 4X6's.
This is the same idea as the frame above, just a different color on the wood.

This is holding a 5X7 and three 4X6's.

This is holding two 5X7 and two 4X6.